Mar 262020

By Anastasia Belyh

Why do we get all teary-eyed when we witness a person who has nothing to live for suddenly confront their difficulties and come out of it as a successful entrepreneur?

Is it because we put ourselves in their story?

Or do we hope that we too can come out of the plight that we are stuck in?

Whatever may be the case, one thing is certain – motivational stories serve as a guiding light and provide us with a path to our own lives.

And that's why we bring you four such real and touching stories that will motivate you on your own successful journey.


Motivation can't be seen. Motivation can't be heard. And motivation certainly can't be touched.

Yet motivation is something human beings desire to shield them from the burden of their daily obstacles.

Going broke or being born into poverty isn't something we can control.

But getting out of our bad situation is certainly under our control.

When we realize that there are survivors among us that have not only gone through dark days but have also become famous beacons of light for the masses, it truly makes us wonder – What their story is and how do we emulate them?


Imagine working with someone who has no passion to work. You watch him come to his desk every day and leave with no ounce of emotion.

Do you think that person is happy?

Absolutely not.

There is no inspiration behind his work. He is like a worker bee that goes out to gather honey and returns before daybreak to the hive.

An unfulfilling life is what it is.

Without motivation, a person has no soul behind the work he does. He is a slave to the job and the job is his prison.

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Source:: Totally Broke to Millionaire – Real Life Motivating Stories to Rejuvenate Your Success

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