Oct 022018

By Anastasia

Employee exploitation could be legal or illegal.

Illegal employee exploitation happens when an employer oversteps the legal protections of their workers for their own benefit.

Legal exploitation occurs mainly when the employee is demanded to perform tasks that are damaging to their wellbeing or is not compensated fairly, but those behaviors are not explicitly illegal.

In both cases higher awareness of ones rights, needs and contributions can help protect them, their income and their career.

Continue reading in order to learn how to defend yourself against harmful practices.


Obviously, exploitation is mainly the fault of the organization that exploits its workers for its own gains. But why do workers allow that?

Your job is your main source of income

The no-brainer. You need money. Competition on the labor market is high and is getting higher. There is a lot to be said about stagnant wages, unfair income distribution on corporate level, a culture of diminishing the achievements on low-level employees, etc.

The point is, there is high pressure on employees to go out of their way to show results, to make sacrifice and to prove their value.

When you have to pay your rent or your mortgage, you have to put food on the table, to provide a good life for your children, and in a dynamic labor market, where you know you are not irreplaceable, you will do pretty much anything to keep your job.

Your job is your source of stability

It is not just financial stability.

A lot of employees count on their employer for health insurance. If you or an immediate family member has a preexisting medical condition, you will be unwilling to explore your career options.

Your credit history will be affected by how much you are earning, but your chances to receive credit from most financial institutions will also be influenced ...read more

Source:: 5 Employee Rights to Defend against Exploitation

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