Sep 232018

By Martin

The leader's mood is quite literally contagious, spreading quickly and inexorably throughout the business.”Daniel Goleman

You will agree with Goleman if you have walked into your office with so much morale and enthusiasm but met your boss in an angry mood.

How did you feel at the end of that day?

Did you feel motivated or did you find yourself stuck in the swamp of despondency?

How your boss feels can literally determine your productivity, the accomplishment of your team and the well-being of the entire workplace.

If you have seen children take on the mood of the environment they find themselves in, you will see from that perspective how the air in your workplace determines a lot.

Young children tend to cry when they see their parents or siblings in tears. They laugh when they see their loved ones laughing and they never forget to always return that smile. They fall into your open arms and hold you with so much passion.

The same is true for your workplace dear friend. Every day, offices all around the world experience a decline or improvement in their productivity depending on their boss' mood.

At the center of the universe is the sun. All the other bodies gravitate around it and rely on it for sustenance. The same applies to your workplace. Your workplace is like the universe, and your boss, the sun.

All the employees depend on the boss for guidance and financial wellbeing. The actions and intentions of the boss are important. But should you let his emotions get in the way of doing your job in the best possible way?

Emotions travel from person to person like a virus. But if you let your emotions get in the way of your job, things can get ugly.

If you want to be free from the effects and aftermath of more

Source:: How to Stay Immune to Your Boss’ Bad Mood

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