Sep 152018

By Martin

Powering Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis


Ahem! Ahem!! Hello reader, you're probably here to seek knowledge or find a solution to a pressing issue. Aw! Don't panic, I've got what you need, but can you give me your attention?

In exchange, I PROMISE you a super jailbreak from your fears even before you finish reading this article.

Follow me on this journey and receive your freedom in return. Welcome to Solution Island.

Quarter life crisis, QLC for short is a potential killer that should be avoided like the plague.

It can bring about a low self-esteem and debilitating thoughts about yourself. In short, QLC should be understood and conquered because ignoring it could lead to an early grave.

I apologize if this sounds like an exaggeration.

It is not!

All these information about QLC are not in a bid to instigate a fear in you, but to sensitize you to the subtle dangers of QLC and give you reasons to give it your rapt attention and overcome it.

There are some important facts you need to know about QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS. Questions like:

  • What is it QLC?
  • What age group is likely to age to experience it?
  • What are the phases of QLC?
  • What are the signs of QLC?
  • What are the benefits of QLC?
  • How can I permanently overcome QLC?

You might find this short introduction on QLC very interesting.


Wikipedia describes Quarter Life Crisis as a period when a person starts to feel worried and unsatisfied about his own life because of the stress-related progression into adulthood.

It is a stage in life when one feels lost in life's existential limbo.

You know what you do want, but you are not exactly certain how to get them. You get confused and don't know exactly where you stand in life.

Basically, a quarter-life crisis is a time of exceptional solution-seeking on how more

Source:: Powering Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis (QLC)

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