Sep 142018

By Martin

One of your colleagues is always having easier times. His needs are recognized and respected even without causing drama or getting into arguments. Whenever there is new work, it is not automatic that it will land on his desk.

As a result, he gets enough time to finish his duties without undue pressure. More than that, he also gets time to do some personal work too.

But what about you?

You also don't cause drama or get into arguments. You collaborate well with your team members. You finish your work in good time.

However, you are always the first one to be considered for new work. It can even be ‘forced' onto you if no one else is willing to do it. You wonder why your boss can't understand that you have enough on your hands already. Despite telling him so, he just seems to prefer that you do the job.

What do you do to gain respect at work like your colleague?

This is obviously affecting you. You are slowly becoming angry with your boss for what you believe is unfair treatment. You are also getting angry with your colleagues because you see them as being inconsiderate and selfish.

Worst of all, you are getting angry with yourself. You can see the situation getting worse but are not doing anything about it. Yet you know you should.

You have become a pushover. You are not making your needs clearly known and being firm about them. This makes other people believe that you are okay with what they give you.

Since you object too softly, people conclude that you can somehow manage everything. You can handle more work. You can come in during the weekend. Or leave the office late in order to finish a report.

Usually, if you're not okay with something, you are expected more

Source:: How to Be More Assertive at Work (Without Being a Jerk)

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