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By Martin

How to Answer “Are You Willing to Relocate?” in an Interview

Job interviews can be such a hassle!

Interview starts the moment you enter the building/office, which basically means you can mess up before even opening your mouth.

The interviewers will be observing your outfit, punctuality, handshake and body language. All of this before you even get to the actual questions.

And when you do get to this part, mess up chances multiply by hundred.

You already conducted research and thought potential questions through. In addition to the preparation, you will strive to preserve a smiling and relaxed image throughout this whole process.

Everything matters.

One of the trickiest questions you could face is a question regarding possible relocation, hence, whether you would be willing to move to another place for work.

I remember the first time I got asked this in an interview. I was surprised and didn't know what to say at first! I presumed my readiness to do an interview for a company based in another country was self-explanatory.

It was only later I realized that nothing is self-explanatory in the recruiting process.

Sometimes, the interviewer is not really that interested in the actual answer to this question. He/she is a lot more interested to test your reaction and see how (rather than what) you'll answer.

The ‘relocation' question falls into the category of such ‘test' questions.

In other words: a company will not always want to move you immediately or maybe even ever but they will, frequently, ask this question to test your flexibility and dedication.

And being so common and tricky, you may want to keep this question in mind while preparing for that interview you have coming up. Start by remembering this general wisdom: it is usually not so much what, but rather how you say something.

And when it comes to communicating your thoughts properly, preparation is essential.


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