Apr 282018

By Anastasia

4 Steps for Answering What Are You Looking for in a New Position

Ever felt nervous about answering this simple question?

After all, what more can you expect in a new job, it's the same routine with the same challenges right?


An interview is usually packed with distinct questions to analyze if the candidate makes the cut or not. Among these questions, hiring managers are bound to ask, is the ever famous —“What Are You Looking for in a New Position?”.

You are likely to go through a mixed bag of emotions when presented with the question.

“Surely, this is a trick question, after all, why would he bother asking this question in the first place. I should stick to answering professionally.”

“Wait a minute…. what if he's looking for a unique answer to try and see if I have the chops to perform well. I should answer with a more personal emphasis.”

Answering the question requires you to understand the perspective of the hiring manager and what he's looking for.

By reading through the article further, you can begin to assess what a perfect answer's like.


Determining your Honesty

No company likes a dishonest employee who can't be upfront with them as to why they are joining the company in the first place. This question aims to put your reasoning skills to test and gives a clear understanding if you're indeed a great fit for the job.

Utilize the “less is more” approach and ensure your answers are concise yet informative to the job description that you are applying for.

You may provide answers related to your experience and add value based on what you provide to the company over a long term. Hiring managers are always interested in knowing the value an individual employee can add to their company.

Remember, don't throw around ...read more

Source:: 4 Steps for Answering “What Are You Looking for in a New Position?”

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