Aug 122018

By Anastasia

From Good to Great: How to Become a Badass Recruiter

If there is a single thing that differentiates a good recruiter from a great recruiter then it is how great recruiters pay attention to each detail.

A great recruiter is a complete control freak, who has a Type A personality instead of Type B. The Type A recruiters are those who actually sweat for the company and its employees. They do more than finding suitable candidates’ profiles, collecting resumes or sending e-mails.

All excellent recruiters should understand that recruiting and hiring process is of high importance for each company and job applicant and they should act humane and kindly while conducting a job interview.

In today’s tech age, a great recruiter does not hide behind a technology but uses it to do their job in the better and more efficient way.

Great recruiters believe in never-ending learning and continue to learn every day in order to become better at their job.

If you wish to become a badass recruiter – continue reading below to find out the skills, qualities, and habits of such recruiter, as well as what you can do to become one.


Regardless of whether they are hiring for talent or for experience, great recruiters are ones who understand that the best way to drive successful outcomes is completely based on their ability to exert as well as maintain control over all stages of the hiring process.

The recruiters who control the hiring process are not shocked when a candidate does not show up for the interview or when they decide to drop out of the process, nor are they personally affected if a candidate declines the job offer.

Some candidates are over-promising and under-delivering while some recruiters are boastful and exaggerative. Recruiters are usually the first who get to meet …read more

Source:: From Good to Great: How to Become a Badass Recruiter

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