Aug 112018

By Anastasia

23 People with the World's Most Ridiculous Job Titles

Have you heard of a Pornography Historian? Yeah, you heard right and if you are reading this article, you are in for far more ridiculous title than your laughing ribs can bear. (This write-up is without prejudice or malice to anyone. I was j just compiling the world’s title innovating souls).

According to a study by the Resolution Foundation, the idea of job title inflation has been growing in recent years, and there is steady growth in the increase of people who have senior-sounding job titles but who still earn middle-ranking wages or did not do as much as you would think they did.

Job title inflation is not all about career opportunism. The report found that the proportion of “managers” in the retail sector earning less than £400 a week increased from 37% to nearly 60% during the 2000s.

Cable explored how firms can benefit from re-titling their roles and a survey three months later revealed that employee-participants were 16% more satisfied with their work and 11% more closely identified with the company than employees in a control group.

But what’s the harm rebranding a traditional job title or creating a new one entirely?

Henry Goldbeck has argued that “creative” job titles confuse clients, also have the potential of seriously hurting job applicants in the digital era.

Since resumes are picked up by searching keywords, he says that “no one’s impressed by cool stuff like witty job titles”.

However, this has not deterred people from using genius or crazy or weird sounding or ridiculous titles.

If anything, the trend seems to be going more viral than ever. It is getting more of putting a title to anything you are doing even if it is a hobby or re-titling yourself to explore your freedom and job acceptance.

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Source:: 23 People with the World’s Most Ridiculous Job Titles

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