Jun 142018

By Anastasia

4 Reasons Not To Get That Masters in Data Science

Are you wondering whether it is a noble idea to take a Masters in Data Science?

If yes, then you are probably turning every page in university publications looking for more insight on this course.

Data Science has been proven to be of a significant role for obtaining success in conquering consumer markets.

It is due to the utilization of available business data, that enterprises can assess the market needs, trends and even predict events likely to happen in the future.

With the ever-changing market nature, companies have re-strategized, or instead are planning (for those that have not changed over) to give a shot to big data and data analytics in their operations.

As a result, there has been an influx of demand for data scientists in the labor market.


Data Science is not a rocket science.

It is a blend of both statistics and computer science that is designed to equip learners with problem-solving skills that in the long run enable them to make appropriate and informed decisions.

You need to have mastered the art of numbers and be proficient in computing, such as programming and database management garnished with some interpersonal skills.

You can learn all of that through an intense full-time program pursuing a Masters in Data Science and becoming a qualified Data Scientist.

But whether that is the only way to achieve that, you can evaluate for yourself after you finish reading this article.

A study by Burtch Works 2015 alluded that 88% of companies that require big data specialists are looking for candidates who have pursued post-graduate studies.

This means that those who have Masters in Data Science have higher chances to be selected than those who only have a degree in Statistics or Computer Science.

However, don't take ...read more

Source:: 4 Reasons Not To Get That Masters in Data Science

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