Jun 132018

By Martin

How Mentally Strong People Respond to Snarky Comments

At times, a well-timed funny comment at someone’s expense is a good humor amongst good friends. However, passive-aggressive comments which hide anger prowling behind the mask usually constitute a snark.

At times, snarky comments comprise of insincere compliments like “You really look appealing to someone as old as you”.

Snark can also include sarcastic comments like “No offense but there is a possibility you would have made extra sales if you sounded like you actually understood what you were talking about.”

Today, it looks like people are becoming snakier every moment.

However, that does not mean that you have to allow those comments to stress you or drag you down.

This article will guide you on how to become a mentally stronger person and how to respond to snarky comments with the needed mental strength to do that.


A person who is always optimistic controls his or her life and does not feel sorry for his or herself is a mentally strong person i.e. they possess a mental strength.

Most people use mental toughness interchangeably with mental strength.

However, depending on how you define mental toughness, there is a possibility you are not talking about the same thing.

Mostly, mental toughness is used when referring to Navy Seals or elite athletes, or people who are subjecting their bodies to extreme limits to see how much pain their bodies can endure.

But, many of us don’t need to subject their bodies to extreme limits or physically threaten their opponents.

Being a mentally strong person is not about acting tough. It is all about knowing your emotions, following your values and learning from previous painful experiences.

The following are the three main components of mental strength:

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